A dollar, a dream,…and lots of records

A dollar, a dream,…and lots of records 

Posted: 9:27 am Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

By Pete Rizzo

Screw fancy cars, private jets and palatial mansions! Here is a lottery winner who has spent some of his winnings on something much more gratifying for me.


A guy in Cambridge, England who won nearly 150 million on the Euromillions lottery a couple of years ago has opened a record store. He’s calling it Black Barn Records.



Suffolk Couple Win ?148m In EuroMillions Draw

HATFIELD HEATH, ENGLAND – AUGUST 14: Adrian and Gillian Bayford celebrate winning the jackpot of over 148 million GBP in the EuroMillions lottery on August 14, 2012 in Hatfield Heath, England. The couple from Haverhill, Suffolk were the only winners of the Europe-wide lottery whose jackpot had rolled-over 14 times before being won by Mr and Mrs Bayford. (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)


As a life-long lover of record stores who still peruses their aisles to this day, I love the idea! As for my store if I ever came into that kind of cash, naturally front and center would be my beloved progressive rock, from the classics,…



…to prog at its mainstream awesomest!


…and all of the weird, wacky and amazing stuff in between.



How about you? What tunes and memorabilia would you stick in your record store?