Rock, meet Rap

Rock, meet Rap 

Posted: 10:51 am Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

By Pete Rizzo

Anthrax Public Enemy

While Aerosmith and Run DMC certainly opened the door to the possibilities of rap rock in the mid-1980s with ‘Walk This Way’, you could argue that Anthrax and Public Enemy helped blow the door off altogether 25 years ago this month. This was certainly not Anthrax’s first foray into rap, thanks to their hilarious hit “I’m the Man”,…

,…but it was their seminal tag-team of ‘Bring the Noise’ with Public Enemy that was truly a game-changer vaulting rock from novelty to mainstream.

From there, it evolved to bands like Faith No More, Ice-T with his own rock band Body Count to what may be my favorite band of the genre, Rage Against the Machine.

Another standout of the sub-genre was the movie “Judgement Night”, an enjoyable albeit forgettable movie with an memorably awesome soundtrack of all rap rock collaborations including Pearl Jam and Cypress Hill, Living and Colour and Run DMC, and what is easily the standout track for me, the aforementioned Faith No More teaming with Boo-Ya Tribe.

How about you? Which rap rock tune is your favorite?