Taking a stroll down ‘Spaghetti’ lane

Taking a stroll down ‘Spaghetti’ lane 

Posted: 10:26 am Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

By Pete Rizzo

Chewbacca Mom Spaghetti Cat

Every time I lament the sad state of online video viewing, I do come across some unexpected, heartfelt gems like Chewbacca Mom. Yes, I know I’m exceptionally late jumping on this bandwagon, but it’s a fun piece of Youtube,…

,… now she has landed her very own action figure,…

,… and she even sang the National Anthem before an Astros ballgame (and yes, she can sing).

This is most definitely one of those videos that is so simple and nonsensical, yet so easily puts a smile on my face. I love her great laugh interspersed with the wookie sounds. And it made me miss the good old days of “The Soup” and what may be one of the most unexpected treasures of the series, Spaghetti Cat.

It makes no sense whatsoever, and yet I’d be rolling with laughter every time Spaghetti Cat came onscreen.