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Van Sweet?

  • 1:53 pm Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 by Pete Rizzo

With Van Halen in limbo, could an somewhat unconventional choice be entertained to be singer number 4? Word is Stryper frontman Michael Sweet, when asked if he could ever sing for VH, said ‘It Would Be A Match Made In Heaven.’

I must say it’s a tantalizing choice using Sweet, whose pipes are still strong after all these years as shown in classic performances like this:

I also really liked his pairing with Boston a few years back:

Thoughts on Van Sweet?


  • 1:51 pm Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 by Pete Rizzo

Burger King is going the Tex Mex route with its latest contraption. It’s half-burger, half-burrito and they are calling it, fittingly, the “Whopperito”.

Not to be confused with Sammy and the Waboritas,…

,…but a name that would sound great on a “Mystery Science Theater 3000” double bill with Burger King’s other arterial travesty, the Mac and Cheetos.

Thoughts on this latest gastrointestinal assault? Personally, I thought we couldn’t get any lower than Taco Bell’s Cap & Crunch delights.

Remembering VH’s false start 20 years later

  • 1:48 pm Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 by Pete Rizzo

Nice to see things are hunky dory with Van Halen again, but it’s not the first time they tried to revive the David Lee Roth-era. In fact, the first time happened 20 years ago and failed rather miserably.

On September 4, 1996, Van Halen came out to present an award at the MTV Video Music Awards. I, along with a lot of other VH fans I imagine, completely lost my shit watching this at the time and automatically thought this was the start of a full-scale reunion. But alas, it was not to be in a rather spectacular way.

Roth was ousted [More]

Will Journey’s house be a Perry fine house again?

  • 1:45 pm Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 by Pete Rizzo

current singer Arnel Pineda

One of the most desired reunions never to have taken place in rock history has to be Steve Perry and Journey, and at this point guitar legend Neal Schon doesn’t see the point of it happening.

He said recently that any reunion with Perry wouldn’t make the band any bigger than they are today with current singer Arnel Pineda. Considering how ugly things were behind the scenes with the members of the band, I can’t possibly foresee Perry ever reuniting with Journey.

The thought of Perry singing with his former Journey bandmates is certainly intriguing.

That said, I [More]

My kind of NY State of Mind!

  • 10:11 am Friday, August 26th, 2016 by Pete Rizzo

Listen to Billy Joel’s classic tune “New York State of Mind” and it’s sure to evoke very different responses from fellow New Yorkers as to what constitutes theirs. Mine came a few nights ago in the form of two of my favorite entertainers: one of the greatest actors of our time and one of the pioneers of thrash metal.

The one and only Robert DeNiro, a New Yorker, shared a photo with fellow NYers Anthrax. I have to say I completely nerded out at the awesomeness of seeing two of my favorites sharing a pic together.

Having Robert DeNiro appear on your [More]

Which Queen tune reigns most supreme?

  • 3:04 pm Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016 by Pete Rizzo

Writing a classic rock tune is hard in and of itself. That each member of a rock band can write legendary tunes is that much more impressive. Such as the case with Queen, with each member contributing songs that have truly broken boundaries of radio and record sales.

One of their most colossal hits hands down is “Another One Bites The Dust”, which came out this month 36 years ago. And I distinctly remember hearing it on two stations you would have never guessed would play it, 92 KTU and 107.5 BLS (disco and R&B stations). And it dawned on me that each [More]

A still raging ‘Moon’

  • 2:59 pm Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016 by Pete Rizzo

70 years ago this week, the world was graced with an very unique ‘Moon’. Sadly, this moon fell out of orbit all too quickly in 1978, but not before leaving his mark as one of rock’s most influential drummers. If Roger was the brawn, Pete the brains and John the quiet anchor, then Keith Moon was definitely the raging fire of The Who.

Despite the attention he received for his countless antics, he helped revolutionize the way drummers play rock music to this day  (when the one and only Neil Peart cites you as an influence, you can rightfully claim that title).

With an impressive catalog [More]

The Thunder God becomes a Monster of Rock

  • 2:31 pm Tuesday, August 16th, 2016 by Pete Rizzo

I am a total sucker for ‘from tragedy to triumph’ stories and the one involving Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen is up there as one of my favorites. 30 years ago this month, Allen was anointed a nickname that stands to this day, and with good reason.

Here’s Rick discussing the genesis behind his innovate drum kit, which he conceptualized mere days after his horrific accident back in 1984.

His hard work and sheer will culminated in Def Leppard’s appearance at the Monsters of Rock festival in August of 1986. They were scheduled for nine shows, with drummer Jeff Rich set to [More]

The ‘King’ comes back home

  • 2:23 pm Tuesday, August 16th, 2016 by Pete Rizzo

The former ‘King of Queens’ is moving back to Long Island for his next TV show. Kevin James, Mineola-born and Stony Brook-raised, is filming his new show, “Kevin Can Wait” in Bethpage.

Now Long Island has a rich history of movie and TV shoots. My all-time favorite flick with Long Island as one of its cinematic backdrops hands down has to be “Arthur” (not the awful remake, but the indelibly hilarious original with Dudley Moore).

,…and among the movie’s funniest scenes, the one with the moose.

Also, one of my favorite shows on TV now, “The Blacklist”, has used Long Island among [More]

Still loving this 20 years later!

  • 1:51 pm Tuesday, August 16th, 2016 by Pete Rizzo

With National Radio Day on August 20, I had been reflecting on my time in radio when it dawned on me that I’ve been a disc jockey for 20 years!

Hard to believe that I got my first on-air job back in August 1996. Working a graveyard shift on Sunday mornings, believe it or not, was an absolute blast. While I was busy spinning the likes of Celine Dion, Del Amitri and Hootie and the Blowfish, the rock music environment was very much different:

–Foo Fighters were newbies;

–Metallica left fans reeling with brand new haircuts and a bluesier sound on “Load”;

–Van Halen [More]