Still loving this 20 years later!

Still loving this 20 years later! 

Posted: 1:51 pm Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

By Pete Rizzo

Radio anniversary

With National Radio Day on August 20, I had been reflecting on my time in radio when it dawned on me that I’ve been a disc jockey for 20 years!

Hard to believe that I got my first on-air job back in August 1996. Working a graveyard shift on Sunday mornings, believe it or not, was an absolute blast. While I was busy spinning the likes of Celine Dion, Del Amitri and Hootie and the Blowfish, the rock music environment was very much different:

–Foo Fighters were newbies;

–Metallica left fans reeling with brand new haircuts and a bluesier sound on “Load”;

–Van Halen imploded a second time, this time between the brothers VH and Sammy;

–Alice in Chains were in limbo after then-frontman Layne Staley became a recluse;

–Iron Maiden were in the middle of the Blaze Bayley era; and

–Rush were “Testing for Echo”.

Cut ahead to present day and things are quite different:

–Foo are now elder statesmen of rock;

–Van Halen are in flux again with David Lee Roth;

–Alice in Chains are back together with a new singer;

–Iron Maiden are stronger then ever with Bruce Dickinson back up front

–And Rush are still the best band on the planet and probably more popular than ever.

Thankfully, the one constant is that I still love what I do 20 years later.