A still raging ‘Moon’

A still raging ‘Moon’ 

Posted: 2:59 pm Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

By Pete Rizzo

Keith Moon

70 years ago this week, the world was graced with an very unique ‘Moon’. Sadly, this moon fell out of orbit all too quickly in 1978, but not before leaving his mark as one of rock’s most influential drummers. If Roger was the brawn, Pete the brains and John the quiet anchor, then Keith Moon was definitely the raging fire of The Who.


Despite the attention he received for his countless antics, he helped revolutionize the way drummers play rock music to this day  (when the one and only Neil Peart cites you as an influence, you can rightfully claim that title).

With an impressive catalog of landmark drumming performances to choose from, it’s tough to dispute. Among my favorite drumming displays include these gems, …

How about you?  What tune do you think captures Moon’s drumming at its finest?