Remembering VH’s false start 20 years later

Remembering VH’s false start 20 years later 

Posted: 1:48 pm Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

By Pete Rizzo

VH 1996 reunion

Nice to see things are hunky dory with Van Halen again, but it’s not the first time they tried to revive the David Lee Roth-era. In fact, the first time happened 20 years ago and failed rather miserably.

On September 4, 1996, Van Halen came out to present an award at the MTV Video Music Awards. I, along with a lot of other VH fans I imagine, completely lost my shit watching this at the time and automatically thought this was the start of a full-scale reunion. But alas, it was not to be in a rather spectacular way.

Roth was ousted from the band a few weeks later over a misunderstanding over the VMA appearance. Some called it a publicity stunt gone awry, while others believed it was the well-intentioned but ill-fated start of Diamond Dave 2.0.

What did you think at the time?