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Rocking down the Rick-rolled “Highway”

  • 1:45 pm Tuesday, August 16th, 2016 by Pete Rizzo

File this one under ‘covers I thought I would never ever see in my lifetime’.

Rick Astley, he of the classic 80’s hit “Never Gonna Give You Up” and subsequent ludicrous online phenomenon of being “Rick rolled”, tackled the AC/DC classic “Highway to Hell” during a recent gig.  Don’t believe me? Click below and see for yourself.

As for most ridiculous cover, my favorite remains Tom Jones re-doing the Lenny Kravitz classic “Are You Gonna Go My Way?” (and I LOVE it!), with anything from the William Shatner catalog coming in second.

Thoughts? What’s the most ridiculous cover tune you’ve ever seen or heard?

Metallica’s back in ‘Black’ turns 25

  • 9:53 am Tuesday, August 9th, 2016 by Pete Rizzo

Scoff if you must, Metallica purists. But to me, the Black album will always be James, Lars, Kirk and Jason at their best. And it turns 25 this month. Their landmark album came out in August 1991. While ‘Garage Days’ was my first taste of Metallica as a kid (and it tasted damn good), this was the collection of tunes that solidified my love of Metallica.

From the things I’ve seen and read, this album took well over a year to record, cost tons of money to produce and led to divorces for three of the four members of the band.

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Remembering Freddie’s final Queen show 30 years later

  • 9:50 am Tuesday, August 9th, 2016 by Pete Rizzo

Freddie Mercury had a flair for theater all the way through to his last ever live show with Queen, which took place 30 years ago this week.

On August 9, 1986, Queen played to over 120,000 fans at Knebworth Park, making it among the largest audiences ever there,…

It makes his answer to the ‘How would you like to be remembered?’question in one of these interview clips all the more poignant,…