Greatest cinema standoffs

Greatest cinema standoffs 

Posted: 1:48 pm Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

By Pete Rizzo


The attributes that make an indelible movie are vast. This time around, I’m focusing on one of the more tried-and-true ingredients: the standoff. This scene has really evolved from the days of the classic Western and in many instances has been given an almost rock video-esque sheen.

Here are my favorites:

5) Scarface: There may not be a more quoted standoff scene then this one. Props goes 100% to Al Pacino for getting it to that iconic level.

4) Reservoir Dogs: A no-brainer for this list. The first of two entries from Mr. Tarantino (both of the Mexican variety, though this one has infinitely more blood than pick #2).

3) Desperado: This gratuitously violet standoff may be the most rock video-ified thanks in large part to Antonio Banderas.

2) Pulp Fiction: How Samuel Jackson didn’t win an Oscar for his performance in this movie still amazes me to this day. And this standoff with Tim Roth is a big reason why I think he was robbed.

1) Jaws 1 & 2: The top spot for me is actually a two-parter involving the same movie hero: Chief Martin Brody from the first two “Jaws” movies. As much as I love the standoff in the first movie when he shoots the shark dead with an assist from the pressurized scuba tank,…

,…I have to say the final standoff in the surprisingly solid sequel, when he flambés the shark with help coming from an underwater power cable this time, is more suspenseful and fun.