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Dead show walking?

  • 1:33 pm Tuesday, October 25th, 2016 by Pete Rizzo

This was easily the longest talked about and most debated cliffhanger around a TV show that I can remember. And now that’s it over and one of the biggest questions around “The Walking Dead” has been very definitively answered, where does the show go from here?

Of course this bears mention,. Please stop reading now if you have DVRd the show and haven’t had the chance to watch it yet,…

I for one thought the producers played it smart with how they played out the pivotal death scene. And for the record, I found it gruesome and hard not to get emotionally drained [More]

Still an Amazin’ journey

  • 1:29 pm Tuesday, October 25th, 2016 by Pete Rizzo

They may not have been model citizens, but on October 27, 1986 they became our World Series champions. Watching the 30th anniversary celebration at Citi Field brought back many memories of this landmark year in Mets history.

I was all of 13 and glued to my TV set, from the uber-corny music video, …

,…to every playoff and World Series game. Who could forget Bill Buckner’s crucial error in Game 6 that forced the tie-breaker (and yes, in my celebrating I felt genuine sympathy for the guy),…

,…to Jesse Orosco’s final strikeout of Marty Barrett and jubilant heaving of his glove before getting bum rushed by [More]

Survey says,… old game shows are new again

  • 1:59 pm Tuesday, October 18th, 2016 by Pete Rizzo

Nice to see nostalgia for old TV game shows is alive and well. I’m generally averse to TV reboots but this idea is working for me so far. Among the classic TV game shows that have come back to primetime over the last few months include,…

“To Tell The Truth”


,…and “Match Game”

“Match Game”, which my wife willl tell you is the gold standard of old game shows, was the one I was most nervous about. I frankly thought it would bomb for sure. But I have to say they grabbed me all over again.

And now the latest one, “The Gong [More]

Remembering Zep at their cinematic peak

  • 1:57 pm Tuesday, October 18th, 2016 by Pete Rizzo

It’s often been called a rite of passage for bands at their commercial peak to make a concert movie. And if you were Led Zeppelin selling out three nights at Madison Square Garden back in 1973, it would be tough to deny that you were at your zenith. Enter “The Song Remains the Same”.

Led Zeppelin’s concert film premiered at Cinema I in New York on October 20, 1976, in which the band was in attendance for.

Known as being one of the pre-eminent concert films of all time, the making of the movie wasn’t without its troubles or its share of [More]

A bromance that’s still ‘Money’ after all these years

  • 3:19 pm Tuesday, October 11th, 2016 by Pete Rizzo

Never has the word ‘money’ been used as an adjective so hilariously then in this classic movie, which came out 20 years ago this month.

‘Swingers’ came out in October 1996 and introduced the world to Vince Vaughan and Jon Favreau, who to this day I believe epitomize the term ‘bromance’ better than any Hollywood hetero dream couple. It also helped to revive swing music.

The memorably funny scenes in this movie are vast and furious. The ‘kill the bunny’ speech is up there among my favorites,…

,…as is this cringe-inducingly funny scene,…

,…not to mention this one:

How about you? What’s your favorite movie [More]

Tales of u-rock-quitous riffs

  • 3:15 pm Tuesday, October 11th, 2016 by Pete Rizzo

Proof that the most potentially dire circumstances could provide the basis for some of the greatest riffs in rock and roll rests with the fine gentlemen in Deep Purple. They are releasing a new book next year (along with a new album) that dives into the genesis behind ‘Smoke on the Water’.

As Roger Glover, Ian Gillan and Ian Paice discuss in this interview, the springboard for ‘Smoke on the Water’ was borne out of some idiot who decided to blast a flare during a Frank Zappa/ Mothers of Invention concert,…

Shortly thereafter, Ritchie Blackmore came up with the signature riff.

Other [More]

The Piano Man comes [closer to] home

  • 3:08 pm Tuesday, October 11th, 2016 by Pete Rizzo

The new and improved Nassau Coliseum is opening its doors in April and they are bringing in probably the best person to lead the welcoming committee.

Billy Joel is set to open the Nassau Coliseum in April with a live gig.

Coming off a steady string of monthly sellouts at Madison Square Garden (over 30 to date and still going strong), this man knows how to pack a house, especially this one. He played the Coliseum over 30 times, including a string of nine straight sellouts nearly 20 years and in fact sold the Coliseum out for its final show last year before [More]

Return of Lerxst?

  • 2:14 pm Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 by Pete Rizzo

First it was Dirk, and now Lerxst may be itching to release some solo tuneage. Word is legendary Rush guitar virtuoso Alex Lifeson (never enough superlatives for my boys!) has a ton of recorded material he may sift through and turn into another solo album.

This comes 20 years after his underrated solo project, Victor.

This album definitely strayed from the trademark Rush sound and explored some darker themes. Perhaps none more strange and beautiful than the title track (my personal favorite), which is little more than Lerxst himself reciting a W.H. Auden poem over some seriously creepy and awesome instrumental music.

How about you? [More]

Rocking out, “Peanuts” style!

  • 2:12 pm Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 by Pete Rizzo

When the world gets too heavy for me (and it’s been happening a lot in recent months), I love taking temporary refuge in cartoon silliness. This time around, the fun frivolity is brought to you by Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the “Peanuts” gang.

A friend of mine turned me on to this a few days ago (Thanks, Douglas Vanderwinckel). This is the first one I was shown and it’s a great rendition of an equally excellent Chicago tune. It gives me instant joy watching Linus channel his inner Peter Cetera,…

,…Charlie Brown finding an appropriate vehicle for his angst [More]