Dead show walking?

Dead show walking? 

Posted: 1:33 pm Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

By Pete Rizzo


This was easily the longest talked about and most debated cliffhanger around a TV show that I can remember. And now that’s it over and one of the biggest questions around “The Walking Dead” has been very definitively answered, where does the show go from here?

Of course this bears mention,. Please stop reading now if you have DVRd the show and haven’t had the chance to watch it yet,…

I for one thought the producers played it smart with how they played out the pivotal death scene. And for the record, I found it gruesome and hard not to get emotionally drained watching it unfold. What threw me, however, was the negative feedback around the episode itself.

Now that the show is without two of its most endearing characters, what’s next? These clips should provide you a primer of sorts.

Which also got me to thinking: Is the show now prepared to tread some exciting new ground? Or has it officially jumped the shark?