Don’t take offense at my throaty roar

Don’t take offense at my throaty roar 

Posted: 12:10 pm Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

By Pete Rizzo


Nice to see Ritchie Blackmore has not played rock and roll completely out of his system. Looks like he’s planning a few more shows next year with Rainbow and his new singer, Ronnie Romero.


Speaking of which, have you ever wondered what Queen would sound like with Ronnie James Dio doing the singing for them? Not until now, right?! Yep, I imagine I’m the only dork who thinks like that. Nonetheless, the closest answer to that question may have surfaced online recently.

There is a very good cover of Queen’s classic tune Innuendo by a progressive rock band out of Spain called Lords of Black. At the mic for this cover is Romero, who first sang with Ritchie Blackmore when he did his return-to-rock gigs last year.

By the end of the first chorus of the cover I could see why Ritchie may have recruited him,…he is a dead ringer for the late, great Dio. Here’s the original version of the Queen classic with Freddie’s majestic multi-octave prowess:

And here’s the Lords of Black version with Romero emulating Dio’s majestic growl.