2016 – Favorite Albums of the Year

2016 – Favorite Albums of the Year 

Posted: 11:33 am Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

By Pete Rizzo

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From favorite tunes we move to my favorite albums for the year. Winners so far for me have been Anthrax (‘Worship Music’); Van Halen (‘A Different Kind of Truth’); Deep Purple (‘Now What?’); Mastodon (‘Once More Around the Sun’) and most recently, Joe Satriani – (‘Shockwave Supernova’).

See my list below and give me your picks for favorite album of the year:

10) Sting – “57th & 9th”

9) David Bowie – “Blackstar”

8) Metallica – “Hardwired…to Self Destruct”

7) Megadeth – “Dystopia”

6) Anthrax – “For All Kings”

5) Red Hot Chili Peppers – “The Getaway”

I honestly was prepared to dislike this album with Danger Mouse at the controls in place of Rick Rubin. But it turned out to be the pleasant surprise of the year for me: STANDOUT TRACKS: “Dark Necessities”; “Sick Love”; “Encore”

4) Yngwie Malmsteen – “World On Fire”

A bona fide scorcher from Mr. Malmsteen! His classically influenced guitar pirouettes are on glorious display here. STANDOUT TRACKS: “World on Fire”; “Abandon”; “Nacht Musik”

3) Santana – “Santana IV”

I was most excited at Carlos, Gregg Rollie, Neal Schon and Michael Shrieve reuniting for their first new album in 45 years. And the album does not disappoint. STANDOUT TRACKS: “Shake It”; “Anywhere You Want Go”; “Echizo”

2) Anderson/Stolt – “Invention of Knowledge”

This excellent collaboration makes the sting of Jon Anderson no longer being in Yes hurt less; primarily because it captures much of what I loved the most about the classic Yes albums of the 70s. STANDOUT TRACKS: “Knowledge”; “Knowing”; “Chase & Harmony”

**1) Glenn Hughes – “Resonate”

Wow! Pristine sound quality! Super-tight playing and kickass songs! And the ‘Voice of Rock’ can still sing the F*&K out of a tune well into his 60s. He hits this one out of the park, hence my #1 pick for my favorite album of the year. STANDOUT TRACKS: “When I Fall”, “Heavy”, “Landmines”