2016 – Favorite Songs of the Year

2016 – Favorite Songs of the Year 

Posted: 11:11 am Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

By Pete Rizzo

STONE Music Festival 2013

I begin the second half of this decade by unveiling for you my favorite song of 2016. Tunes that have taken my spot so far for me this decade have been Mastodon (2011; “The Sparrow”); Rush (2012; “The Wreckers”); Dream Theater (2013; “Along For The Ride”); Marty Friedman (2014; “Inferno”) and Anthrax (2015; “Soror Irrumator”).

See my list below and give me your picks for favorite tune of the year:

5) Glenn Hughes – “When I Fall”

A standout track from an album that should help dispel the notion that ‘Rock is Dead’!

4) David Bowie – “Lazarus”

Hauntingly beautiful track off of Bowie’s final album! A fitting swan song for the Thin White Duke.

3) Metallica – “Moth Into Flame”

My favorite track on their new disc and one of my favorite choruses of ANY Metallica tune. They are firing on all cylinders here!

2) Alter Bridge – “Show Me a Leader”

Myles Kennedy’s vocal prowess never ceases to amaze me. A badass tune from what is now firmly a mainstay band in the work of hard rock!

1) Anthrax – “Breathing Lightning”

Taking my top spot for a second year in a row, I still hit ‘Repeat’ continuously on this tune. The band are all in fine form with a potent solo from new lead guitarist Jonathan Donais.


**Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Dark Necessities”

**Garbage – “Blackout”

**Sting – “I Can’t Stop Thinking About You”