It’s “Fragile”, NOT “FRA-JEEL-AY”!

It’s “Fragile”, NOT “FRA-JEEL-AY”! 

Posted: 1:51 pm Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

By Pete Rizzo


I am a happier camper these days because the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame seems to be gradually seeing the error of their ways. It all started when they finally gave the nod to Rush a few years back, and now they have come through again by honoring another all-time favorite bad of mine, Yes.

Their long-overdue induction coincides with the US release of many (yours truly included) call their breakthrough album, “Fragile”, which was released 45 years ago this month.

Yes really helped lay the foundation for progressive rock with this album. While I will always cite King Crimson as the true pioneers of the genre [and think they deserve to be honored as such by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame], Yes made it more accessible somehow with this legendary disc.

As for my favorite tunes off “Fragile”, it would be criminal of me not to include the no-brainer opening track,…

These two tracks are also standouts,…

How about you? What’s your favorite tune off “Fragile”?