17th time likely yet another charm

17th time likely yet another charm 

Posted: 12:58 pm Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

By Pete Rizzo


Alec Baldwin will be adding to his already formidable reign as Saturday Night Live host when he does the honors for the 17th time.

In my opinion, he established himself as my all-time favorite SNL host years ago not just for the amount of times he has hosted, but for the quality of many of his skits, monologues and celebrity impressions. And speaking of impressions, his current role as President Donald Trump only cements his standing for me.

It also got me to thinking of other memorable SNL hosts. And you know by now that when I begin thinking like this, a list is not too far behind. So I decided to pick my favorite SNL hosts by decade. And with that, here’s my list

1975-1980:  Steve Martin

1981-1990:  Tom Hanks

1991-2000:  Alec Baldwin

2001-2010:  Justin Timberlake

2011-present:  Melissa McCarthy

How about you? Who’s your all-time favorite SNL host?