From ‘Broadway’ to ‘Solsbury Hill’

From ‘Broadway’ to ‘Solsbury Hill’ 

Posted: 8:01 am Friday, February 24th, 2017

By Pete Rizzo


I’ll see your cult favorite prog band and raise you more mainstream success with said band and an amazingly unique solo career by its exiting lead singer. Welcome to the differing trajectories of Genesis and Peter Gabriel.

After recording what I feel was Genesis’ crowning achievement of the Peter Gabriel era, their mysterious lead singer left the band under similarly cryptic circumstances in 1976.

Cut ahead to roughly a year and change later, Peter Gabriel struck out on his own with first self-titled debut albumThus began a Hall of Fame solo career of marching to the beat of his own at times cymbal-free drum, with tunes like this one removing any doubt as to his vitality as a solo artist.

As for my favorite solo Gabriel tunes, among the many include these,…

How about you? What’s your favorite Peter Gabriel solo tune and/or album?