U2 find what they’re looking for,…megastardom

U2 find what they’re looking for,…megastardom 

Posted: 2:30 pm Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

By Pete Rizzo

U2_The Joshua Tree

The greatest rockers of all time each have that one album that changes the game for them and catapults them into the very legends I’m talking about in the next sentence. “Led Zeppelin IV”; “Hotel California”; “Hysteria”; “2112”; the vast list goes on and on. You can count U2 among said greats thanks to their ‘Zoso’, which they released 30 years ago this month.

U2 released “The Joshua Tree” in March of 1987. 25 million copies, 2 Grammys and a notable mention by the Library of Congress later, the rest is history. And now they are touring to celebrate its 30th anniversary, with plans to play ‘The Joshua Tree’ in its entirety (Good luck getting tickets!)

On a disc with so many hits to choose from, I always had a soft spot for this one as my favorite tune.

How about you? What’s your favorite tune off ‘The Joshua Tree’?