Merriam-Webster? Meet “Prog-asm”!

Merriam-Webster? Meet “Prog-asm”! 

Posted: 2:24 pm Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

By Pete Rizzo

Geddy & Alex @ RNRHOF

One of my oldest and dearest friends actually deserves credit for this new word, which he sent me along with a clip of Geddy Lee playing onstage with the surviving members of Yes, one of the newest Rock Hall of Fame inductees.

First off, it was a huge thrill watching my pre-eminent rock heroes inducting a group of my other rock heroes.

SIDE NOTE: Am I the only one who thinks Rick Wakeman and Alex Lifeson have a future touring the comedy clubs of America as the next Burns & Carlin or Cheech & Chong?! Wakeman’s acceptance speech was hilarious! I would definitely pay to see “Grand High and Lerxst”.

And topping off the evening’s “Prog-asmic” festivities was Geddy donning his trademark Fender and playing the bass lines that the late, great Chris Squire immortalized in “Roundabout”. Especially thrilling was listening to Dirk’s intricate interplay with Mr. Wakeman mid-song.