Fade to Pop-Up Merch

Fade to Pop-Up Merch 

Posted: 10:37 am Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

By Pete Rizzo


It will be a busy few days for Metallica, who we will be seeing lots of as they are “popping up” throughout town.

Bad wordplay aside, Metallica is second rock band to open a ‘pop-up store’. Pop stars have been doing this for a while, but now rock is jumping in with Guns ‘N’ Roses doing the honors with their pop-up story in NYC around their MetLife Stadium show last summer.

Metallica’s store goes up this weekend in downtown Manhattan ahead of their MetLife show Sunday nightThey also hit the New Nassau Coliseum on Wednesday, which yours truly will be gleefully attending.  But in between, they are also squeezing in a appearance on Colbert next week.

And if that wasn’t enough, they recently live streamed their last rehearsal before kicking off their tour.

This tune off of the new album is a likely candidate to make their setlist.

I hope this one makes it, too!