Exercises in Vocal Badassery

Exercises in Vocal Badassery 

Posted: 10:45 am Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

By Pete Rizzo

Sutherland Spader

Both have pretty outstanding film resumes. Both have had their TV shows renewed for next season. And both of them have positively magnetic pipes.

The main reason “The Blacklist” and “Designated Survivor” are two of my favorite shows on TV right now is the strength of both leads, James Spader and Kiefer Sutherland. They are both just fun to watch, and more importantly, fun to listen to. Both are blessed with uniquely awesome speaking voices. So I asked myself: Which voice do I like better? By a very slight margin, I have to give the edge to Kiefer.

Spader’s voice personifies pure suave at all times, perhaps none more so as Reddington and even as a werewolf in probably my favorite film role of his, “Wolf”:

But Kiefer can do righteous rage equally as well as implacable cool:

Plus I think it’s damn impressive to be able to carry a movie solely on the strength of your voice and without being seen at all (at least until the very end of the movie anyway), as Kiefer did in my favorite role of his, “Phone Booth”.

How about you? Which voice of the two is your favorite?