The Symmetry is Just ‘Down and Out’ Perfect

The Symmetry is Just ‘Down and Out’ Perfect 

Posted: 10:47 am Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

By Pete Rizzo


Pilfered song title from ‘And Then There Were Three’ notwithstanding, there are rumblings that Genesis may have something special in the works as they turn 50 this year.

For now it’s just “wait and see”, but Mike Rutherford said recently that some reunion gigs with him, Phil Collins and Tony Banks may be a possibility with Phil slowly making his way back from retirement.

Now the magnitude of a band celebrating 50 years together is big enough. But the added symmetry around the anniversary makes it more noteworthy. Think about it, if Phil, Mike and Tony team together, it would be their first time on stage together in 10 years.

Plus if Peter would be so inclined to join them, it would mark their first time jamming to Genesis tuneage together in 25 years.

Throw underrated guitarist extraordinaire Steve Hackett into the equation and you have a Prog-asm of the highest order.