Even Big Shots Can Engender Goodwill

Even Big Shots Can Engender Goodwill 

Posted: 1:40 pm Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

By Pete Rizzo

AC/DC Rock Or Bust Tour - New York, NY

Axl Rose’s goodwill tour rolled through Minnesota this past week and this time the benefactor was Long Island’s own Billy Joel. Axl found time between his pseudo-reunion tour with Slash, Duff and the rest of Guns ‘N’ Roses to sit in with the Piano Man on a recent stadium show

“Highway to Hell” was no surprise as Axl sang it with ACDC when subbing for Brian Johnson during their last tour, plus it’s a rare cover that Billy likes to play during his own live gig. It was their tandem on the classic “Big Shot” that I just loved.

This is not the first time Axl has sung “Big Shot” either as he did the honors back in May for Billy at his show in California.