The Wally Pipps of Rock

The Wally Pipps of Rock 

Posted: 1:54 pm Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

By Pete Rizzo

Henry Padovani

The name ‘Henry Padovani’ may only ring a bell to hardcore fans of The Police. But 40 years ago this month is a rather dubious anniversary for the former guitarist. He became a rock and roll Wally Pipp.

For you non-baseball fans, Wally Pipp was at one time the first baseman for the New York Yankees who legend has it asked to sit out of a ballgame due to a headache. His replacement that day (and for the next decade plus),…Lou Gehrig.

The Police’s first-ever single was with Padovani before they decided to bring on as a second guitarist named, you guessed it, Andy Summers.

They tried to go it with two guitarists  but it didn’t last. Not long after this gig in August 1977, The Police jettisoned Padovani in place of Andy Summers. The rest is you could say, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame history.

Another Wally Pipp of rock was Al Atkins, who sang with Judas Priest for a few years before being forced to leave the band in 1973. His replacement,… some guy named Rob who later became known as the ‘metal god’.

How about you? Can you think of other rock and roll Wally Pipps?