Remembering Zappa’s Swan Song

Remembering Zappa’s Swan Song 

Posted: 1:45 pm Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

By Pete Rizzo

Zappa swan song

This month 25 years ago reminded me yet again of the musical genius of Frank Zappa, in this instance his final appearance on a stage.

Zappa played the role of conductor this time around in guiding the Ensemble Modern at a music festival in Germany back in September 1992, all while battling the prostate cancer that would take him from us a little over a year later.

There’s the oddball in me that just eats up watching orchestral versions of Zappa classics like “Uncle Meat” and “G-Spot Tornado”, not to mention the loooooong ovation he receives at the end of the latter tune.

This of course came on the heels of Zappa’s last album that he released when he was alive, “The Yellow Shark”: