Are You ‘Excitable’ for All of ‘Hysteria’ live?

Are You ‘Excitable’ for All of ‘Hysteria’ live? 

Posted: 3:57 pm Thursday, September 14th, 2017

By Pete Rizzo

Def Leppard_Hysteria

Looks like Def Leppard are putting the “Everyday is my Birthday” adage to practice as their 30th birthday celebration for their landmark album “Hysteria” will go well into next year.

The Leps are hiting the road next year and plan to play all of Hysteria live. To which I say “It’s about time!”

Side 1 and the title track are radio staples so it will be nice to see Side 2 get some loving next year. The tune I would love to hear most live again is “Gods of War”, which I think is the underrated gem on Hysteria. Plus, I haven’t seen them play it live since their Jones Beach show in 2000 when they were touring for “Euphoria”. And it’s one that they do well.

Another one I’ve never heard live is ‘Excitable’. Now this song gets quite a bit of flak but I’ve always enjoyed it and wouldn’t mind hearing the Leps cranking it out live.

How about you? Which side 2 tune would you love to hear them play live?