Pete Rizzo

RIP Tom Petty

The highest compliment I can pay Tom Petty is this: He made himself a rock legend on his own terms with his influence felt among not only those that came after him, but those who preceded him as well.

The laundry list of rock legends who honored him after his passing should give you some idea of how far his reach isHis passing is a bit surreal in part because he just played New York over the summer and was planning to come back next month to the Iridium in  NYC for a few more shows.

Tom Petty was always right on the periphery for me as far as rock artists I listened to on a regular basis. Though I can’t say I was a diehard fan of his, I felt like I grew up with him somewhat. In fact, “You Got Lucky” and “A Woman In Love” was my first taste of Tom Petty growing up as an MTV-aholic kid when these tunes were in heavy rotation.

Though he was never an artist I got into quite full throttle, I loved many of his songs with this one easily ranking as my top pick of his:

And this tune from his last album quickly became a favorite as well in showing how vital his music was right up until the end of his life.

How about you? What are your lasting memories of Tom Petty and his music?