Satch Still Hanging 10

Satch Still Hanging 10 

Posted: 3:02 pm Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

By Pete Rizzo

Joe Satriani And Steve Morse In Concert At The Pearl At The Palms

My love for instrumental guitar rock begins and ends with the guy who brought it to the masses 30 years ago.

Instrumental guitar rock is not a new idea by any means with Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck and Yngwie Malmsteen doing the honors years before Joe Satriani. But Satch’s second album “Surfing with the Alien”, definitely put a glistening, guitar-shredding sheen on the face of instrumental guitar rock this month back in 1987 and in the process attracted a mainstream audience.

30 years later“Surfing” still ranks very high among guitar enthusiasts as one of the greatest albums of the genreIt’s easy to see why, the album still kicks ass.

**This on the heels of news that Joe Satriani’s new album, “What Happens Next” is coming out in January. Answer to that question? Chad Smith and Glenn F#(*I(N Hughes playing on the album!

As for my favorite “Surfing” tracks, I always had a soft spot for this tune (my favorite off of the album). Plus, it’s a staple of his live show to this day and he kills it every time.

The title track is a close second for me:

How about you? What’s your favorite track off of “Surfing with the Alien”?