RIP Malcolm Young

RIP Malcolm Young 

Posted: 7:43 am Sunday, November 19th, 2017

By Pete Rizzo

Malcolm Young

We’ve lost Malcolm Young way too early to an insidious little disease called dementia. His passing hits home for me more for two reasons:

1) I have a loved one in my own family that is grappling with this awful and demoralizing disease; and

2) ACDC was one of the ‘rite of passage’ bands that moved me away from being a Top-40 listener and allowed me to enter the wonderful world of rock and roll as a kid in high school (thank you, Jimmy Sciubba, for introducing me to them vis a vis your copy of ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap’).

Not surprisingly, news of Young’s death has shaken both AC/DC fans (myself included) and rock legends to their core.

No one rocked a Gretsch harder or better than he did, period!

For me, my fondest memories will always be listening to AC/DC on my trusty Walkman as a high school misfit roaming the halls. I also recall enjoying my first days of freedom behind the wheel of a car after getting my driver’s license with the aforementioned “Dirty Deeds,…”“Powerage” and “Back in Black” in heavy rotation on my car cassette player. A big reason was Malcolm and his thunderous riffs.

They were riffs you could groove to,…

,…bang your head to,…

,…and kick back and sing the blues to!

RIP good sir! What are your fondest memories of Malcolm Young and his music?