A ‘Farewell’ to Obscurity

A ‘Farewell’ to Obscurity 

Posted: 12:11 pm Monday, November 20th, 2017

By Pete Rizzo

A Farewell to Kings

Rush’s collective middle finger to their record label, “2112”, made them superstars and guaranteed them absolute creative freedom that would last them through the rest of the career. So how did Geddy, Alex and Neil begin to exercise their newly earned creative control?!

The answer? “A Farewell to Kings”, which came out 40 years ago.

Perhaps not surprisingly, it’s coming out again soon with all of the super deluxe bells and whistles and go along with most album re-releases.

This is arguably their biggest tune off the album as far as mainstream exposure.

But Rush is all about their hardcore fans and I along with other Rush nerds point to this classic as a favorite:

And as a added bonus, here’s the Peanuts gang rocking out to “Xanadu”.

How about you? What’s your favorite cut off “A Farewell to Kings”?