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Favorite Songs of 2017

  • 10:59 am Thursday, December 14th, 2017 by Pete Rizzo

As 2017 comes to a close, I unveil for you my favorite songs from a year that featured some damn fine music. Happily, this list was tough to put together as there were many worthy entries.


10) U2 – “The Blackout

9) Lindsey Buckingham/ Christine McVie – “Red Sun

8) Roger Waters – “Smell the Roses

7) Jane Weaver – “Slow Motion

6) Bubblemath – “The Sensual Con

5) Nickelback – “Home

4) Prophets of Rage – “Strength in Numbers

3) Queens of the Stone Age – “The Evil Has Landed

2) Foo Fighters – “Run

,…and, the top spot goes to [More]

Favorite Albums of 2017

  • 10:55 am Thursday, December 14th, 2017 by Pete Rizzo

From songs we move to my favorite albums of 2017.

5) Black Country Communion – BCCIV

They were no more five years ago due to a classic butting of the heads between Glenn Hughes and Joe Bonamassa. Now they have mended fences and are back with what may be their heaviest album and strongest collection of tunes to date. Another job well done for one of rock’s most prolific and consistently rocking supergroups!

RIZZO’S RECOMMENDATIONS: “Collide”, “The Last Song For My Resting Place”, “Wanderlust”

4) John 5 – Season of the Witch

An instrumental guitar rock album made my list (shocker!). The latest [More]

One-Man Echo

  • 1:50 pm Thursday, December 7th, 2017 by Pete Rizzo

Here’s someone who’s quite adept at singing Pink Floyd lullabies!

One man band Ewan Cunningham (who goes by Ewan John Covers on Youtube) is a Pink Floyd fan had has covered many of their classic tunes all by himself. But his most recent cover may be his best one yet.

He tackles all 20 plus minutes of one of my all-time favorite Floyd tunes, “Echoes”.

And as a cool touch, he also shoots his version to aesthetically emulate what may be Floyd’s best version of the song, the classic “Live at Pompeii”, even intercutting shots of the ancient city in his video.

Well [More]

Little Professor

  • 1:47 pm Thursday, December 7th, 2017 by Pete Rizzo

For every kudos I give myself for seemingly nailing an air drum fill to just about every Rush tune, along comes a harshly amazing shot of reality. This time, it’s a 12-year old girl from Indonesia who knows how to play the drums! And, I mean, really knows how to play!

Her name is Kalonica Nicx and she bashes away on the Rush classic “YYZ”. Check out her video alongside the real thing.

My favorite thing about this video may be the huge smile face she wears while drumming away. It’s hard for even a curmudgeon like me not to smile at [More]