One-Man Echo

One-Man Echo 

Posted: 1:50 pm Thursday, December 7th, 2017

By Pete Rizzo

Pink Floyd_Echoes cover

Here’s someone who’s quite adept at singing Pink Floyd lullabies!

One man band Ewan Cunningham (who goes by Ewan John Covers on Youtube) is a Pink Floyd fan had has covered many of their classic tunes all by himself. But his most recent cover may be his best one yet.

He tackles all 20 plus minutes of one of my all-time favorite Floyd tunes, “Echoes”.

And as a cool touch, he also shoots his version to aesthetically emulate what may be Floyd’s best version of the song, the classic “Live at Pompeii”, even intercutting shots of the ancient city in his video.

Well done, sir! Thoughts?