Summer Bummer

Summer Bummer 

Posted: 3:48 pm Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

By Pete Rizzo

Tower Records

The days of buying CDs are sadly coming to an end for retailers, the latest being Best Buy as they plan to stop stocking CDs on their shelves this summer.

While I’m becoming more comfortable with buying my music online these days, there will always be something impersonal and kinda sterile about it for me. Part of me will always miss the almost Zen-like ritual of scouring the aisles looking to add to my collection. There was a certain serenity I would achieve just thumbing through the stacks of music until I found something I could take home (which was most of the time).

As a kid, my home away home was Mr. Cheapo (I frequented the Mineola location). There I got my feet wet starting with vinyl and cassettes before slowly transitioning into CDs by the time I reached high school.

During my college years I graduated to Tower Records in Carle Place, usually late on a weeknight after finishing up a college radio shift and grabbing a meal with my fellow jocks-in-training (Williston Town House Diner, baby!). There was where I steadily beefed up my CD collection.

How about you? What was/is your favorite place to beef up your CD collection?