Lie Down (and Rock Out) in Green Pastures

Lie Down (and Rock Out) in Green Pastures 

Posted: 10:52 am Thursday, April 12th, 2018

By Pete Rizzo

"FOX & Friends" All American Concert Series - Def Leppard

Funerals are often somber occassions. As for mine, I would want it to be more lighthearted and celebratory in tone. I’m happy to see I share a similar sentiment with Joe Elliott. The Def Leppard frontman recently talked about which tunes he would want played for his final resting place.

I would most definitely want this one played at my funeral. The title alone is as tongue-in-cheek as I would like it, plus it’s one of Genesis’ best tunes.

These would be no brainers as well.

How about you? What tunes would you like played at your funeral?