Remembering Rush’s “Mullet Album”

Remembering Rush’s “Mullet Album” 

Posted: 8:46 am Thursday, April 19th, 2018

By Pete Rizzo

Rush_Grace Under Pressure

It’s the second album of Rush’s keyboard era. I like to remember it as the album where Geddy unveiled his new mullet for the first time.

It didn’t break any new ground musically with only the most hardcore Rush fanatics swearing by the disc. Nonetheless, Rush exhibited “Grace Under Pressure” with album number 10, which came out 34 years ago this month .

I definitely liked this album more over “Signals”, which despite a lot of excellent songs was a bit too-keyboard heavy for me. Alex’s guitar rocks with more authority on “Grace Under Pressure” after sounding really muted during their last album.

As for my favorite picks on the album, this tune tops the list along with being one of my favorite Rush tunes overall:

My first memory of this song was seeing the video on MTV for the first time and asking myself “What happened to the singer’s hair?!” (as in Geddy’ luxurious locks).

I love the reggae feel of this tune, which is a close second for me:

How about you? What’s your favorite tune of “Grace Under Pressure”?