Tunes to Sweep The Leg To

Tunes to Sweep The Leg To 

Posted: 11:47 am Thursday, May 10th, 2018

By Pete Rizzo

Cobra Kai

Don’t be surprised to see sales of tunes and albums from the likes Ratt, Poison and Boston see a huge spike thanks to Cobra Kai”. The Karate Kid spinoff starring William Zabka and Ralph Macchio is a hit!

I watched the first two episodes so far and loved them! For one, it has a lot more substance to it then I expected while embracing the nostalgia around the original movie at the same time.

But what may be my favorite thing about “Cobra Kai” is the righteous soundtrack. Righteous as in righteous 70s and 80s rock! One of my favorite exchanges is when Cobra Kai student Miguel says “What’s…Guns N’ Roses?” to which Johnny says “I’m gonna pretend you didn’t say that.”.

Here are some of the awesome tunes on the “Cobra Kai” soundtrack.

I kinda wish they made room for this Karate Kid classic by Joe Esposito on the new soundtrack:

Did you watch “Cobra Kai”? If so, what did you think?