Remembering a “Sweet Miracle” of a comeback album

Remembering a “Sweet Miracle” of a comeback album 

Posted: 10:40 am Thursday, May 17th, 2018

By Pete Rizzo

Rush_Vapor Trails

It was a long, tough road back from some God-awful tragedies, but Rush came back big time with “Vapor Trails” this month 16 years ago.

Compared to the rest of their catalog, I’d probably stick “Vapor Trails” somewhere in the middle of the pack. And much was made over the questionable, or as Geddy said at the time, “overcooked” mixing of the album. That said, there are some killer tunes on it.

Make no mistake, I cranked Neil’s thunderous intro from the first single, “One Little Victory”, super loud in my car radio the first time I heard it knowing that Rush would carry on again.

The only thing I may have loved more was hearing that they would tour again.

This tune is also a winner in my book,…

But I have to give top “Vapor Trails” honors to the fourth part of their “Fear” series,…

How about you? What are your favorite tunes off of “Vapor Trails”?