Best Summer Songs

Best Summer Songs 

Posted: 12:02 pm Thursday, May 24th, 2018

By Pete Rizzo

2016 CMT Music Awards - Red Carpet

What has happened to the quality of summer songs?! Seems like the more time and money is spent marketing these tunes, the worse they get! Luckily a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band has come along to remind us that the rockin’ summer tune is very much alive and well.

Cheap Trick have a new tune out now tailor-made for the summer called, fittingly, The Summer Looks Good On You. And it’s really good!

Cheap Trick’s contribution brings back to mind some of the my favorite summertime tuneage and the cool memories they evoke, whether inside my old Bronco enjoying my first taste of freedom behind the wheel,…

,…or tunes that simply evoke memories of backyard summer BBQs with my family.

How about you? Which tunes best embody the summertime for you?