Remembering The Police’s Synchronous Swan Song

Remembering The Police’s Synchronous Swan Song 

Posted: 10:49 am Thursday, June 21st, 2018

By Pete Rizzo

There are advantages to going out on top, just ask the guys in The Police.

Sting’s desire not to turn the band into a nostalgia act by sticking around too long led to “Synchroncity”, which came out 35 years ago this month, being their final album together. Not only did they go out at their creative crest then, but their reunion tour from over a decade showed that they did not miss a beat at all.



Flash to today and there is a new tribute album of Police covers due out soon, with some members of Journey taking a stab (and a good one at that) at “Synchronicity II’.

Other rock heavyweights re-doing classics by The Police include Slash, Glenn Hughes, Jon Anderson and Carlos Santana. And on top of that, rumors are percolating that Stewart, Andy Sting may reunite again.

Much as I would love to see this, I seriously doubt it’s happening!