Rock Classics Millenialized

Rock Classics Millenialized 

Posted: 1:58 pm Thursday, June 21st, 2018

By Pete Rizzo

Millennial rock pic

Classic rock and millenials normally don’t go together for obvious reasons, among them, they were not born when a lot of what we play on WBAB came out. But there is a pretty marriage of both online now.

The Twitter page below (hashtag – #millennialclassicrock) showcases a game where classic rock lyrics and song titles that are what I will call “Millenialized”.

Here are some of my favorites:

–Tweeeeeeeeet Emooooooojiiiiiiiiis

–We Will Block You

–Hey… YOU… Get off of my iCloud

–Baba Ghanoush O’ Riley

–Pour Some Stevia on Me

–Don’t Fear the Vaper