“Who says you can’t go home?!” – certainly not U2!

“Who says you can’t go home?!” – certainly not U2! 

Posted: 10:53 am Thursday, June 21st, 2018

By Pete Rizzo

U2 In Concert - Nashville, Tennessee

Who says you can’t go home?! U2 certainly dispelled that saying recently by coming back to the city that welcomed them to the US nearly 40 decades ago.

Now the distance between Harlem’s Apollo Theater and what would we call Webster Hall these days is over 100 blocks. No matter! Nearly 38 years ago, U2 made the first of what would turn into several appearances at The Ritz.

They looked more like this during their formative, pre-world conquering days,…

,…here are they doing one of my favorite tunes of theirs at The Apollo show a few nights ago.

If their early stuff sounds as good as it did during their Nassau Coliseum show a few nights ago, those of you seeing them at the Garden are in for a treat!