Reunions: From “Fat Chance” to “Good Chance”

Reunions: From “Fat Chance” to “Good Chance” 

Posted: 1:01 pm Thursday, July 5th, 2018

By Pete Rizzo


Seems like the operative word in classic rock and roll of late is “reunion”, for better or worse.

Lately bands like Deep Purple, the Kinks and Styx have had the question posed to them in some way, shape or form. Below are the prospects are of these landmark bands getting back together in some form, from “Fat Chance” to “Good Chance”.

“Fat Chance”

Deep Purple: Never gonna happen! Ian Gillan and Ritchie Blackmore, quite simply, still hate each other. Which is just fine because I love what Steve Morse has brought to the band!

Ratt: They need a drummer again with Jimmy DeGrasso no longer part of the “new breed” lineup. Is there room in the new breed for Warren Demartini or Bobby Blotzer? * Well, if the newly leaked “new breed” lineup includes Jordan Ziff, Chris Sanders and Pete Holmes, forget it!

“Fat Chance, for now”

Styx: “Mr. Roboto” is back in their setlist thanks to fans clamoring to hear it live. While this is undoubtedly some vindication for Dennis DeYoung, don’t expect him to take the stage with Tommy, JY and the rest of the band anytime soon. Best case: they invite DeYoung back as part of a farewell tour somewhere way down the line to sing a song or two.

**By the way, their live rendition of “Roboto” at Jones Beach a few weeks ago is pretty darn good.

“Good Chance”

Journey: Neal Schon has been wanting to work with Steve Perry for years now. There’s no chance of this happening  with Journey because there is still quite a bit of bad blood here. But as for Steve singing with Neal as part of some other project, I’d say there’s a much better chance of these two working together again in this capacity.

“REALLY Good Chance”

The Kinks: Not only are the chances of reunion here really good, they are actually confirmed! They are getting back together after over two decades for what sounds like a new album and a small scale tour. It will be very cool to see images like this again.