A Blizzard Comes to Tinsel Town

A Blizzard Comes to Tinsel Town 

Posted: 1:27 pm Thursday, July 12th, 2018

By Pete Rizzo

Ozzy Sharon movie

If you wondered why no one has made a movie of the life of Ozzy Osbourne (I know I certainly have), your wait may be over!

A movie may be in the works about the Prince of Darkness and his early years with Sharon! Whoever has the job of casting this movie and, specifically, deciding on who plays a young Ozzy as a tough task ahead of them.

Lucky I am a generous person by nature and am happy to offer my casting services free of charge! I offer you, Mr./ Ms. Casting Director, for your consideration,…

Kit Harrington (for you “Game of Thrones” fans!) as my top pick,…

,…with Frank Dillane (so awesome in “Fear The Walking Dead”) a close second.

–They are both British;

 –They are both close to Ozzy in height;

 –They have many of Ozzy’s facial features;

 –They are both the same age Ozzy was when he was courting Sharon and trying to get his solo career off the ground; and

 –They are ostensibly looking for work (or in Harrington’s case, will soon be looking for work once “GOT” ends).