World? Meet Queen!

World? Meet Queen! 

Posted: 1:22 pm Thursday, July 12th, 2018

By Pete Rizzo


Freddie Mercury_Queen debut

Queen are arguably bigger in the US than they have been in over 30 years! And to think their journey to take over the world officially began this month 45 years ago.

The new “Bohemian Rhapsody” movie (the one I’ve been talking up to death for months now) is due out in November.

The “We Will Rock You” musical is playing here on Long Island through most of the summer.


And this all coincides with a big anniversary. They released their first album July 1973. Here are Queen playing one of their first gigs together.

“Keep Yourself Alive” is the tune that introduced Queen to the world and holds up well to this day as it’s frequently name-dropped among the band’s best tunes.

This tune is also a standout and probably my favorite on their debut disc!

What a great time to be a Queen fan!