Satch Birthday Boogie

Satch Birthday Boogie 

Posted: 9:55 am Thursday, July 19th, 2018

By Pete Rizzo

Joe Satriani

I’ve anointed him “Guitarus Maximus”. You probably know him as Satch. I’ve also referred to him of late as sort of a Mother Theresa of guitar legends.

He announced the lineup for his G4 experience this month. Next year he will be playing alongside the likes of Neal Schon, Rick Nielsen and Bumblefoot, among others. This after his latest G3 alongside John Petrucci and new addition to the G3 family, Phil Collen:

His documentary, “Beyond The Supenovais also out now.

So in honor of Guitarus Maximus’ birthday this month, I‘m showcasing some of my favorite Satch performances throughout the years:

What are yours?