The Best of Bon

The Best of Bon 

Posted: 9:53 am Thursday, July 19th, 2018

By Pete Rizzo

Bon Scott's birthday

The music was raunchier, the lyrics were filthier, and the songs were more memorable. I’m talking about the years that Bon Scott fronted AC/DC.

All due respect to the terrific Brian Johnson, but the Bon era was and will always be my favorite AC/DC era for the reasons I highlighted along (turns out they are the same reasons that I’m more partial to the Diamond Dave years of Van Halen).

Bon was born this month back in 1949 (and, yes, I’m sure he would have a field day with the fact that he was turning 69 this year!). So what better way to celebrate Bon Scott than to rank his best tunes?! My personal favorites are below:

High Voltage (**especially when Bon lets loose with that final scream before the final chorus)

Here’s a really good live version of it that I felt compelled to share with you

I always had a soft spot for this tune, which is one of their hardest and the riff is just filthy!

This one’s also a high point for me during the Bon era

How about you? What Bon Scott AC/DC tunes are your favorites?