Remembering Def Leppard’s “First Strike”

Remembering Def Leppard’s “First Strike” 

Posted: 11:16 am Thursday, July 26th, 2018

By Pete Rizzo

Steve Clark_Leps first gig

Practice may make perfect, but at some point you need to show a crowd what you’ve perfected!

I’m paraphrasing obviously. But that was the sentiment of one Steve Clark back in 1978, when he urged Def Leppard to book a big after months of rehearsal or, as he said in this old interview (**around 5:20 in to this clip during their “Behind the Music”: episode), he’d “find another group”.

So thanks to Steaming, they played their first ever concert soon after (40 years ago this month), which was around the time they were plugging tunes off of their three-song EP.

Not long after that, they graduated to selling out stadiums throughout the world before they lost Steve in 1991.

Here’s a cool bootleg of Def Leppard.

**Notice the handful of tunes that would make their way onto their debut album “On Through The Night”