The “New Throwbacks”

The “New Throwbacks” 

Posted: 10:42 am Thursday, August 30th, 2018

By Pete Rizzo

2016 Firefly Music Festival

I’m fighting the urge to turn into a grumpy old man who has no time or patience for new music. Oftentimes it’s hard! But some new bands are giving me hope for rock ‘n’ roll. In a takeoff of the “New Romantics” like Spandau Ballet and Roxy Music, I’m calling them the “New Throwbacks” cause they are releasing very new music that I think is a total throwback to the memorably awesome classic rock I grew up on.

**The Struts – “Queen meets the Stones” was my first thought after hearing “Primadonna Like Me” for the first time. I even picture Freddie and Mick strutting around onstage like proud peacocks singing this. This is an excellent tune! Throw in a strong debut album and the prestige of opening for Foo Fighters recently, and you have a music geek who’s eagerly awaiting their follow-up disc due out later this year.

**Greta Van Fleet – The Led Zeppelin comparisons have come fast and furious and are unavoidable. Strip that away and you have an awesome hard rock band and a singer who absolutely sounds like the Robert Plant of Zep’s first few albums. I await the release their proper debut album with bated breath.

**Samantha Fish – my sensei turned me on to this blues guitarist. She’s been around for a few years now with five albums to her name. But fresh off of what I hear was an excellent show recently at Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett, she’s on a track for more mainstream attention and bigger venues with good reason. She can play!