Eyes of the Moon

Eyes of the Moon 

Posted: 12:34 pm Thursday, September 6th, 2018

By Pete Rizzo

Keith Moon biopic

With the long-gestating Queen movie finally due out soon after years of stops and starts, we may be seeing the same thing with another movie that has been in limbo for a while.

A biopic of The Who drummer Keith Moon is back on, according to Roger Daltrey. And as for the guy who plays Keith Moon? Daltrey thinks the actor needs to have what he calls extraordinary eyes“.

My pick? Jake Gyllenhaal all the way!

He’s the closest actor I can think of with eyes close to those of Moon, plus he has the chops to pull off playing Moon the Loon on camera.

This news comes on a rather sad anniversary. We lost Moon 40 years ago this month at 32, though he was not looking too good in these final appearances before his death.

But there’s no doubting that he helped changed the way we look at rock drummers to this day!