The Men Behind the Masks

The Men Behind the Masks 

Posted: 11:25 am Thursday, September 13th, 2018

By Pete Rizzo

KISS unmasked

I only need watch a few seconds of dreck like “Jersey Shore” to think back to when MTV was great. And few moments on MTV were as legendary as when the guys in KISS appeared without their makeup for the first time.

The date: September 18, 1983. Where was I? As a proud MTV-aholic as a kid, where else was I? Watching it go down live thinking the same thing I imagine you hardcore KISS fans were thinking at the time (“Holy shit!”)

Granted, the 80s didn’t start very well for KISS. But if you were thinking “career suicide”
at the sheer audacity of this stunt, think again! KISS bought themselves a second life with one of their better albums, “Lick It Up”, soon to follow.

Where were you when this iconic MTV moment went down?